Elia Erickson Consulting was founded by PR Expert and Business Strategist Lisa Elia.

Business Strategy,
Business Coaching,
and Publicity Coaching



At Elia Erickson Consulting, we provide services and programs to help people run and grow their businesses with greater ease and joy.

We provide business coaching and consulting and publicity training. We work with individuals, small businesses and corporations, helping them to launch and grow their businesses, increase sales, gain major publicity coverage and run their businesses more efficiently. Signature programs created by our founder, publicist, media trainer and business coach Lisa Elia, include How to Get Publicity and The Streamlined CEO System. At Elia Erickson Consulting, we provide services and programs to help people run and grow their businesses with greater ease and joy. Through our sister company, Expert Media Training, we provide media training and presentation training services.

Lisa Elia, Los Angeles Business Coach, Strategist and PR Expert and Media Trainer founded Elia Erickson and created the How to Get Publicity program and The Streamlined CEO System, and serves clients around the world.

“Blending the wisdom that comes from serving thousands of clients and more than 20 years of business and communication experience, with the best new techniques and technologies, we create plans and programs that create a more direct and smooth path to success.”

~ Lisa Elia, Consultant, Business Coach and PR Expert, CEO and Founder of Elia Erickson Consulting and Expert Media Training

Lisa has been interviewed and shared her expertise in media outlets that include...

Media outlets that have featured Lisa Elia, Los Angeles Business Coach, PR Expert, Media Trainer and Founder of Elia Erickson Consulting and Expert Media Training, include Inc., Fox News, Entertainment Tonight and many others.



Our Programs and Services Include:

Publicity Coaching

Business Strategy and Streamlining Services

General Communication Skills Development

Media Training and Messaging, Presentation Skills Refinement


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Read what other clients have to say about their work with Lisa Elia as a business coach and publicity coach.


  • Testimonial from Lisa Greenfield for Los Angeles Business Strategist and Coach Lisa Elia
    “After a career in sales and management consulting, it was time to give my own dream a chance and I wanted PR advice for today’s competitive media environment. Lisa Elia’s course is astounding. It offers straight-talking, manageable sections of information to build a solid business foundation and then helps shape an effective and comprehensive strategy for growth. It demonstrates how to achieve an inviting professional presentation and cohesive messaging. To say I am impressed is an understatement.

    It would be almost impossible to find better value for your time and money or a more engaging person to teach it!”

    Lisa Greenfield, Truth in Hand www.truthinhand.com

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To learn more about our consulting, streamlining and publicity coaching services, visit our services page or call us at 310-479-0217.

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