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Have you wondered how to get a book deal, how to get a TV show deal, or how to get an endorsement deal?

If you have a burning desire to write a book, or maybe you've written one already, you may be wondering how you can set yourself up to attract a publisher who can give you a great book deal.

Maybe you want your own recurring TV segment to host your own TV show.

Or, perhaps you wonder how you can capture the attention of the big decision makers who can give you an endorsement deal or a product distribution agreement.

There are some specific things you can do to attract book deals, TV deals, endorsement deals and more.

Lisa Elia - Elia Erickson Consulting, Business Strategist and Coach, PR Expert

"I have spent more than 25 years in the PR industry, preparing clients for interviews that I secured for them with major media outlets, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Time Magazine, USA Today, CNN, Redbook, In Style and hundreds of others.

I am giving you access to one of my most popular teleseminars to get you moving further along more quickly.

In this teleseminar, I will share with you insider secrets that helped my clients secure book deals, endorsement deals, TV show deals and more.

You will learn how to attract the attention of TV and radio bookers and programmers, book publishers, top marketing executives who could give you endorsement deals, and other big decision makers.

You will discover simple changes to make to your website, and often-overlooked tweaks that you can make to your videos and social media posts, that will have those big decision makers contacting YOU."

I've been featured in media outlets like these...and they called me!

Media outlets where PR Expert and Business Strategist Lisa Elia has been featured.




I'll share in this teleseminar what I did to make all of this happen."

~ Lisa Elia, Public Relations Expert & Media Trainer

Some of the things I’ve done for clients include:

Examples of results I've helped clients achieve:           I have booked and prepped clients for interviews with:

Logos of media outlets where Business Strategist and Publicist Lisa Elia had booked clients.

     $25,000+ first-time author deal

     $35,000+ endorsement deal

     TV show deals

     International video deals

     320% increase in sales

     and more

Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Build your audience and following now so you have something to bring to potential sponsors, publishers, TV programmers or other decision makers.

It’s about “what’s in it for them”, so even if you believe you’re years away from pursuing an opportunity, put systems into place now to establish your brand, build your following, and have a lot to offer when the time is right.

2. Consider how you are presenting yourself as a brand in everything you do, including every Facebook post or Twitter tweet.

Companies that may consider you to represent their products or host a TV show will look at every piece of information available on you to get a sense of you.

3. Use specific words, phrases and strategies to position yourself for endorsement deals and other opportunities in the future!

Authentically sharing about a brand that you like on your social media pages can get you started.

There is much more to know, which is why we have an information-packed free teleseminar for you.

How to Attract Big Deals Banner - free teleseminar from Business Coach and Publicist Lisa Elia

In this 30-minute teleseminar, I will share with you some of the strategies I’ve used to put clients and myself in a position to receive the big deals they desired. You will learn

⇒ how to get a TV show deal

⇒ how to get a book deal

⇒ how to get an endorsement deal

⇒ how to attract the attention of speaker's bureaus for representation

⇒ and more

Register for instant access to this audio recording to learn...

1. Content and simple back-end changes to make to your website, to draw the those big decision makers to you.

2. The secrets behind videos that put you ahead of your competitors when the media is looking for guests or products to feature.

3. What you need to include in your marketing and social media posts that will have those big decision makers contacting YOU.

4. What I did to help one client attract a contributing editorship at a magazine, a Today Show appearance and a multi-five-figure endorsement deal.

5. How I positioned another client to have two top publishing houses fighting to give her a contract and to attract a major video deal.


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